Legal Terms and Privacy Policy



Legal Terms

Welcome to the CAMPING DELTA website. We want you to feel comfortable with us. Of course, this includes careful and legally compliant handling of your data. Starting with your visit to our website, your enquiries and bookings, your entire stay with us and the information we provide to you about the campsite and our offers.

This is all about camping: we inform about our conditions and availabilities, but also about activities, events and offers. There are images, videos and text here. Videos are usually linked to YouTube. We constantly work on the content of the website. We keep you up to date with the news on the website and our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube presences.

The content and design of this website as well as our social media presences (especially images, videos and texts) are protected by copyright. Some of the copyrights are held by our partners or third parties, otherwise by us. In any case, this content is available for information purposes, but not for further use by others, including on other websites and also through framing links - we reserve the right to authorise such reproduction. Please ask us if you want to share images or other content.

We do our best to provide good and correct information, but errors can occur to anyone - we do not assume any legal liability for all information and are grateful for factual corrections. We also accept no liability for the content of linked pages - including those of tourism partners in the region and in Switzerland - especially as these can change at any time - this is the responsibility of their operators.

Privacy Policy
All of this involves the processing of data relating to your enquiry, booking and the stay of our guests, or relating to you as a visitor to our website and user of our online content (e.g. names and contact details for the login screen; or data traces visitors leave behind when accessing the website): These are personal data. The processing of such data is regulated by data protection law; we ourselves are particularly concerned to handle it carefully. This data protection statement provides you with information on how we do this.

This concerns the operation and use of the website, booking, renting and staying with us. For information about the services and conditions of linked websites and services (such as social media and video platforms), please contact those providers directly.

This website is operated by Camping Delta AG in Locarno (address at the end of this policy).

Our data processing is subject to Swiss data protection law. For visitors residing in the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland and the EU and EEA recognise each other's data protection legislation as equivalent. In certain cross-border cases, EU law, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), may also apply to certain data processing.



E-mail contact

Obviously, if you contact us by email, your email address and any content you send to us will be collected and processed; likewise if you contact us by letter. We retain these data (and for as long as necessary for this purpose) in order to respond to your enquiries, possibly further where we are legally obliged to do so or in order to protect our rights.


Server Logs

You can use the website without giving any personal data.

However: Every visit to our website - as elsewhere on the internet - leaves a "footprint" of data (the so-called server log data), which may include: The IP address and internet service provider of your connection, browser type and versions and the operating system of the device with which you access us, the website from which you came (for example, a search engine where you found us; so-called "referrers"), the pages you visit on our website, date and time of access. This data is recorded by us, as is the case with most website operators, because it may be required to ensure the security and proper operation of our website; it is regularly deleted according to normal technical routine.

You should also be aware when using the enquiry mask that your preferences can be associated with this technical data, i.e. your IP address, among other things.


Linked platforms


On our website, we link (via buttons) to social media platforms where we have a presence (currently: Facebook, Instagram and YouTube). Be aware that by clicking on these links you are switching to the services of these operators. This also, when you activate a link on our website to a video that is stored on YouTube (most of them are).

Their terms and conditions and privacy statements will then apply; make sure you are familiar with these when you use their services.

The essential data protection declarations of these operators can also be found here (the pages are subject to change, we always endeavour to check the links):

Facebook (a Meta Group company, responsible Meta Platforms Ireland Limited, 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland):  

Instagram (also a Meta Group company, responsible Meta Platforms Ireland Limited, as before):

YouTube (a Google LLC company, responsible Google Ireland Limited, with its registered office at Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland):

Be aware: If a visitor to our website is simultaneously logged into an account of these services or accesses content stored there (e.g. a video from YouTube), these services recognise the access and can link this to a user profile that they maintain for this account. If you do not wish this to happen, log out of these services before visiting us and do not play any videos on our website.


Analysis tools and cookies


We use the Google Analytics service to analyse how well our website works and what visitors do here. IP masking is activated so that the operator of this service (Google LLC/ Google Ireland Limited, as before) does not have regular access to IP addresses of our website visitors, especially on servers outside of the Switzerland/EU/EEA area; moreover, Google undertakes to process our analysis data in accordance with data protection law via its usual contract on the commissioned processing of our analysis data. Google Analytics uses cookies, as is generally known from website visits.

The website also uses cookies to support its functions, e.g. to save language settings and the shopping basket of your booking request and to hold them for you until the booking is completed. Without these functions, the use of the website for enquiries and bookings will be limited.

The cookies used for this assign an identification mark (cookie ID) that allows individual visitors to be "recognised" and distinguished from one another; this can be used, for example, to improve statistics, but also to store language settings, entries in forms and the like. Every visitor can prevent the storage and activation of such cookies by setting this in their browser software (e.g. Safari, Firefox, Chrome or Edge etc.) following the browser instructions. If you wish to specifically block Google Analytics, you can also install this small browser add-on directly from Google: Existing cookies can be deleted in the browser.


Safety and our providers


To protect the security of data transmission, we use common encryption (e.g. SSL) via HTTPS. For the design and hosting of our website and for the processing and handling of booking requests and related data, we use selected providers in Switzerland and the ? EU, and these too are hosted on servers in ?Switzerland or the EU/EEA only. We have processing contracts with these providers that ensure the security of the data and our control over it. 


The external application GitHub Pages is used for this purpose. The service is operated for Switzerland by GitHub BV, Vijzelstraat 68-72, 1017 HL Amsterdam, The Netherlands. GitHub appoints GitHub BV, c/o DP Dock DPO Services GmbH, Gut Projensdorf, 24161 Altenholz, Germany, as data protection officer. Further information of the data protection operator can be found here:


In our company, only those responsible for management, reception and guest management (if necessary, the security service) have access to this data. We keep personal data for no longer than necessary for the stated purposes.


Booking and rental

Your enquiries about the availability of our campsites and accommodation (search entries containing dates, type of accommodation, number of people), and the information you provide when making a booking, are required in order to process your enquiries and manage your booking. This usually includes the surname, first name and age (plus date of birth) of all guests; the address and country of the person making the booking, email address, telephone or mobile number, dates of stay, type and details of accommodation or campsite and any additional requirements; the method of payment you have chosen and the payments owed and made. We also need this data for the mandatory administrative registration of our guests.

This data is kept and processed for as long as is necessary to perform the rental or accommodation contract and to close the legal relationship (including any liability claims). In addition, there is information on additional services and services that guests make use of during their stay.

Contractual claims are subject to a 10-year statute of limitations in Switzerland ( 5 years for rental agreements), and claims in tort are also subject to a 10-year statute of limitations (in some cases 20 years or longer). Business documents are also kept for 10 years at least.

We may disclose such information to our service providers (including for the processing of enquiries and bookings, paying agents, accounting, hosting), and in individual cases to authorities, courts and legal advisers for the purposes of maintaining safety and order, safeguarding rights and claims, and in accordance with our legal obligations (namely for the administrative registration of our guests).


Video surveillance

The entrance, reception and lounge areas of the campsite are under video surveillance in order to prevent and, if necessary, sanction violations of the legal and contractual provisions (incl. the campsite regulations). Among other things, for the safety of the campsite and our guests and in the event of damage, we must be able to verify if someone has entered the campsite without permission. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. The monitored areas are clearly marked.

The video recordings are accessible to the campsite's management and security service only and are secured against unauthorised access by suitable precautions. They are overwritten on a regular basis unless they are needed for longer in individual cases to pursue legal claims and violations. To the extent required for this purpose, such records may be disclosed to police and judicial authorities, relevant insurers and legal advisors.

Rights under the GDPR

For our valued visitors from the EU and the EEA: The GDPR would apply insofar as we offer you our services online so that you can book and use them from the comfort of your own home. To the extent that this is the case, we base the processing of all data relating to the booking and stay of our guests on the legal ground of the performance of the relevant contract or the processing of your request in this regard. In all other respects, we rely on the consent of the persons concerned, where we have this. However, we reserve the right to assert an overriding legitimate interest in individual cases, for example where we need to keep your contact details for communication with you. For the rest, we assume such overriding interest, namely in providing our services, improving our website and analysing its use for this purpose, and maintaining its secure operation.

You then have all the rights that the GDPR grants you in this regard (in addition to the practically identical rights under Swiss data protection law): You can request from us in respect of your personal data that we store and process:

-          Information about these, according to Art. 15 DSGVO;

-          - their correction, insofar as they are incorrect, in accordance with Art. 16 DSGVO;

-          - their deletion, under Art. 17 GDPR; or their restriction, if they may not be deleted (in which case they are marked to restrict future processing), Art. 18 GDPR - both unless we have an overriding legitimate interest in still retaining and using the data;

-          - You can also object to data processing by us; we will then stop this unless there are imperative serious reasons for not doing so or we need the data to protect our rights;

-          - According to Art. 20, you might demand the handover of such data that you have given us on the basis of your consent.



Your contact to us as the responsible operator:

Camping Delta AG, Via Respini 27, 6600 Locarno, Switzerland. Tel. +41 91 751 60 81. All issues relating to data protection are the responsibility of the Managing Director, Mr. Mila Merker.